If you need some aerial photography please get in touch with our Saffron Walden office:

Telephone: 01799 700024
Email: saffron-walden@waldrone.co.uk
Address: Chesterford Ltd, Stansted House, Shire Hill, Saffron Walden, CB11 3AQ

Please send us the following information:

What do you want to achieve? This will allow us to confirm it is technically possible to do and also safe and legal.

What is the location? Please send the postcode and building name or number. It is sometimes helpful to have a grid reference or even a low resolution Google aerial image to show exactly what the location is.  We operate within a radius of about 60 miles around Saffron Walden.

Proposed date? So we can check we have an operator available. We also need to check if there are any temporary restrictions on flight on that date. If there is a range of dates when we could come then please let us know as that allows us some flexibility to cope with poor weather.

What is the subject? Is it actors, a building for sale or a safety survey of a bridge?

We can then do a ‘desktop survey’ of the location and check whether it is possible to provide the aerial imagery and also provide you with a quote.

Drone aerial photograph of water tower near Saffron Walden

Aerial photography: water tower near Saffron Walden. Drones can get up close to structures like this to examine the condition of the concrete, lightning conductors and aerials.


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